Top 10 Construction Mistakes to Avoid – #3


3. Avoid Scope Creep:

The term Scope Creep sounds kind of funny, but it is as dangerous as a thief stealing your wallet and you not knowing about it for days.  Scope Creep happens when an outlet is added to this room, wallpaper to that room, granite countertops in the break area, and custom colored doors in the conference room.  Individually these items are pretty innocent but added together they can become damaging to a project budget.

The Design/Build process like we use at American Companies helps avoid this risk.  Having  design and construction professionals at the table together, both on your team, allows for an open dialog.  The American Way allows the Art of design to work hand in hand with the Science of budgeting.

Scope Creep is often invisible and only comes to the surface when it is too late and too expensive to make changes.  It is also hard to go back and determine what all the little ‘adds’ were that created the budget mess.

Another thing I am still trying to figure out is how the ‘adds’ grow faster than the ‘deducts’ shrink.  Once items are on a plan and in a budget it is difficult and frustrating to remove them.

At American we work hard to avoid that situation.  At each decision point, before an item is added to a plan or project scope, we discuss the cost ramifications with you and your leadership team to ensure the change is really worth the money.  If it is, great.  If not, no harm has been done. 

At some point Scope Creep will try to work its’ way into your project, I know it.  I also know the American goal is to only allow what you specifically want to be built, no more than you want and no less than you deserve.

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